Duygu & Ghassan, Medicine

"We both love eating eastern sweets - so we are going to try out together our favorite sweets :) While eating, we will be happy to have a partner to learn a new language or to get better at speaking the partner's mother tongue! And we both are interested in medical studies, so it's great to learn more about the medical service systems in different countries and the ways of studying medicine!"

If you are interested in joining the Peer Partner Program, you can register here.

Tina & Obaida, Architecture

Tina and Obaida share an academic background in architecture and a love for hot chocolate. Their goal for the partnership is to learn from each other and share new ideas and experiences.

Peer Partners


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The purpose of our Peer Partnership program is to create more direct links between locals and refugees in Munich. We bring together young people with similar interests and academic backgrounds – those who already have access to university or a job, local or international students and professionals - and those who were interrupted in their academic path and are in Germany as refugees.

Partnerships are based on shared interests and hobbies as well as common academic backgrounds and goals. In contrast to  traditional mentoring programs, the fundamental idea is that peers come together on the same level and benefit from the partnership equally. The program is much more than a language exchange. More importantly we hope that partners continuously seek to learn from each other's culture, academic background, beliefs and life experiences.

Kinan & Christoph, Business

"Our goals are learning from each other including culture, character, developing each other's foreign language (for Christopher it's introducing himself in Arabic, for me - in Bayrisch), being active in the respective cultural events. Our shared interests are languages, fitness, and cappuccino <3 "