Commit München e.V.

Verein zur Globalpolitischen Bildungsarbeit

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Vanja Bojanic

PR Team

Teresa Bertram


Kamil Kaston

PR Team

Andres Carbonell

Project coordinator

Past team members: Vivien Ahrens, Mary Clare O'Donnell, Sascha Frölich, Meelad Hassan, Christina Mladenovic 

Mallissa Watts


Mahmoud Bahaa


Ghassan Abdulhadi

Head of Peer Partners

Egesa Vrapi

Head of PR

Salman Khan

Head of Seminars

Yonsorena Nong

PR Team

Manuela Thiele 

Seminar Team

Lojaen Shahoud

PR Team

Aizea Morales Kastresana

Seminar Team

Originally founded by three students, our team has grown into a diverse group consisting of refugees, young professionals, local and international students. The majority of the team works on a voluntary basis, while three team members are employed as student assistants at the LMU through the Welcome program of the DAAD.

Our Team


Academic Student-Refugee Network

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Anna Raabe

Project coordinator