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Overcoming this division was the motivation to start MindLinks in 2016. MindLinks is a network for young people in orientation phases, where not the membership to a particular social group but individual knowledge, skills and ideas are highlighted. Originally founded by an American, Egyptian and German student, the initiative is now led by refugees and locals alike. Our shared belief is that the answer to the question - can we do it? - is best answered by focusing on the 'we'. By connecting the world on a personal level.
Our goal is to enable eye-level intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange between different social groups. We do this through our weekly discussion seminars, peer partner program, german conversation hour and social events.


Academic Student-Refugee Network

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Our Motivation

The challenges associated with the arrival of a large number of refugees in Germany belong to the most pressing issues we face today. Uncertainty is escalating as political parties feed on growing feelings of unease. Encounters between people who were socialized in Germany and refugees often take place in hierarchical settings, which highlight the needs of the newcomers. Competencies, self-efficacy, education and language skills outside the defined values ​​and requirements in the host society often drift out of focus.

For us as young people living in Germany this also means that there is an artificial separation of 'German' young people and refugees, although we often have quite similar questions, goals, dreams - because of our age and general life situation in an orientation phase.