The basic idea is that someone in the group - or sometimes an external speaker - presents a fascinating question, controversial point or unusual new idea from their academic specialty or field of interest and then moderates the group discussion. Each week a new topic brings about engaging discussions, leaving everyone with fresh perspectives and insights they may never have encountered in traditional classroom settings.
We have already philosophized about state systems, created our own apps, developed sustainable transportation systems, analyzed an antique painting and learned about the Muslim banking system. And the list goes on!
The seminars usually consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of group discussion – and of course some time to chat in smaller groups and have some drinks.


We look forward to meeting you!

Every Monday 

6:00 - 7:00 pm: Sprich mit!

Gemeinsam Deutsch sprechen

7:00 - 8:30 pm: Discussion Seminar

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität

Institut für Soziologie

Konradstraße 6, 80799 München,

Room 109

Discussion Seminars

The group is completely open and we are always happy to welcome new people! Just come to one of our weekly meetings, every Monday at 7 pm, Room 109, Konradstraße 6.  You can also find more information on upcoming seminars on our Facebook Page.

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Our weekly discussions are the core of our group. They let us challenge our own pre-set perspectives that shape the way we see the world. By listening to a short presentation from a group member and participating in active discussions, we learn from people from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.
Previous topics have ranged from politics, anthropology and psychology over medicine, physics or international law to art and languages.